Sparkling Love Serving Set GM6667 $78.00 Engraved

To be engraved
Text to be engrave 2 linea Max


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  • What exactly is sublimated?
      • Clothing  (full polyester only)
      • Specially treated metal, plastic or ceramics including slateItems such as: mugs, uniforms, awards, badges, dog tags, earrings,  charms, water bottles, a wedding invitation, cubicle plates with photo, coasters, glass cutting boards, keepsake boxes, license plates and frames, mousepads, bookmarks, ceramic tiles, serving trays, bag tags, lanyards, trailer hitch covers, clipboards, key chains
  • What is etching or sandblasting?
      • The ability to put names, logos, wedding invitations or poems on glass, granite, wine bottles, mirrors or metal. It is another source of engraving on irregular surfaces.Etched objects look like the name, the picture or symbol is frosted into the surface.
  • What is engraving?
      • The ability to permanently cut or carve lettering, some logos or graphics into metal or plastic. The possibilities include: trophies, awards, dog tags, pet tags,  badges, wedding invitation (keepsake), legend plates (machine identification plates), work area signage, desk plates, cubicle plates, wedding cake server sets, wedding glasses, bridal party gifts
  • What kinds of trophies can you make?
      • We can make a trophy with a person’s full color picture on it along with a sport figure and an engraved plate to your specifications.  We can do many different ideas too numerous to mention here. Contact us with your personal specifications and we can work up a design to meet your needs.

         I was in a company lobby and saw their glass showcase which had a glass award with their company logo and  lettering  on it that looked like it was engraved on the back of it. Can you do that?

         Yes, the award could have been acrylic, crystal or glass. All three of these can be engraved or etched on the   front or the back.